Εndometriosis presents in three different entities, which can be found together:

  1. peritoneal lesions,
  2. deep endometriosis and
  3. ovarian endometriomas.

The prevalence of endometriomas is estimated at about 17–44% of women with endometriosis. They may be associated with infertility, dysmenorrhea and chronic pelvic pain. If they are symptomatic, or if they are large (> 3 cm) evidence-based guidelines suggest their surgical excision (laparoscopic entry, stripping technique). Note that care has to be taken because surgery for the endometrioma has been associated with impaired ovarian reserve.

The typical ultrasound features of an endometrioma are:

  • ground glass echogenicity (homogeneous low-level echogenicity)
  • one to four locules and
  • no papillations with detectable blood flow
A unilocular endometrioma with the typical ground glass echogenicity.


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