Laparoscopic Lateral Suspension (Dubuisson)


Pelvic organ prolapse involving the uterus and bladder.



Patient declines mesh use.

Patient has contraindication for laparoscopy.


Entrapment of the ilioinguinal nerve.

Mesh erosion.

Other laparoscopy complications.

Postoperative Management

Removal of vaginal packing and urinary catheter 24h after surgery at the latest.

Examination and demissio up to 48h after surgery.


  • Veit-Rubin, N., Dubuisson, J., Constantin, F., Lange, S., Eperon, I., Gomel, V., & Dubuisson, J. B. (2019). Uterus preservation is superior to hysterectomy when performing laparoscopic lateral suspension with mesh. International urogynecology journal30(4), 557–564.

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