Laparoscopic Management of an Immature Teratoma

immature teratoma laparoscopy


  • 31-year old P1 with unilateral, 11.5cm large, multilocular, cystic ovarian tumor with solid components up to 4.2cm cointaining feeding vessels in doppler-sonography. CA-125 was negative. The patient desired further future pregnancies.
  • The patient consented to a laparoscopic adnexectomy.



  • The speciment was thouroughly examined and diagnosed as an immature teratoma inside the capsule of the ovary FIGO IA, G1.
  • Second-look laparoscopy was offered to the patient. Peritoneal biopsies, contralateral ovarian biopsy, infragastric omental removal were discussed.


  • There were no complications.

Postoperative Management

  • Uneventful. The patient met with an oncologist and no chemotherapy was needed. Regular control examinations were initiated.


  • Leitlinienprogramm Onkologie (Deutsche Krebsgesellschaft, Deutsche Krebshilfe, AWMF): S3-Leitlinie Maligne Ovarialtumoren, Langversion 4.0, 2020, AWMF Registernummer: 032/035OL,

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