Ureterovaginal fistula after hysterectomy

Ureterovaginal fistula

Imaging of the ureters is feasible and trained gynecologists should be able to perform it when needed (Aas-Eng, K., et al, 2019).

The following images represent an abnormal passageway between the ureter and the vaginal apex following a complicated hysterectomy.

ureterovaginal fistula in ultrasound doppler
B: Bladder, U: Ureter, V: Vagina, arrow: ureterovaginal fistula. Color doppler demonstrates the flow of urine from the ureter towards the vaginal apex.
This normal jet phenomenon could only be demonstrated on the contralateral side.
De novo ipsilateral hydronephrosis.


  • Aas‐Eng, K. , Salama, M. , Sevelda, U. , Ruesch, C. , Nemeth, Z. and Hudelist, G. (2019), Learning curve for detection of the distal part of ureters by transvaginal sonography (TVS): a feasibility study. Ultrasound Obstet Gynecol. Accepted Author Manuscript. doi:10.1002/uog.20379

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