How to optimize your ultrasound image

  1. First, choose the right ultrasound probe. Remember: higher frequency means higher quality on the cost of lower penetration.
  2. Then select the right preset. Most machines are equipped with a couple of presets for special examinations, i.e. “fetal heart”.
  3. Scan to find your region of interest and apply your focus on that area.
  4. Make sure to reduce the depth of the image as much as possible, so that your region of interest is still included.
  5. Then reduce the width of the image, removing the parts of it where your region of interest is not included.
  6. To exclude the distance between your ultrasound probe and your region of interest, zoom in. Usually pushing the zoom button increases the image quality. On the contrary turning it zooms in without changing the frame rate, thus we suggest pushing instead of turning. Your region of interest should take up 3/4 of the whole ultrasound image.
  7. Adjust your gain to make an image brighter or darker, according to preference.

Your image should now be adequate. Care to detail will help you make accurate measurements and provide better patient care.

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